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the formation of
the letters

Mordechai Pinchas Sofer

letter ALEPH to GIMEL

the letter ALEPH

alefani for stam plus2

1. The upper point is like a letter yud. 2. And there should be a small okets (protrusion) on it. 3. And its face along with the okets should be inverted a little to face upwards. 4. And the thigh of the yud should join to the [slanting] gag (roof) [which is] the body in the middle of the gag. 5. And the bottom of the roof on the right side should, initially, slant upwards behind it [the letter] a little. 6. And the stroke below should be far from the top of the body a length of one and a half kulmusim (quill thicknesses)...7...and on the bottom stroke initially there should be a small okets below on the right side 8. because its symbol is like a yud that hangs by its tag (crown) from the body of the aleph. 9. And the left okets of the top stroke... should be opposite the right okets of the bottom stroke... 10. a left okets is not required for the upper yud (as would be the case on the yud itself).

the letter BET

betani for stam plus

the letter GIMEL

1. [The letter] must be squared on the right both at the top and the bottom... 2. and initially it must have on the top on the left side at the front a small tag looking like a staff. 3. And [it should have] a small okets above on the left side... 4. Also it should have a thick heel below since it symbol is a dalet inside the throat of a vav. 5. And it is good that the length and the breadth of the bet be three kulmusim. 6. and the breadth of the gap the thickness of a quill. (Note: one should be careful not to make it to narrow so that it looks like a nun or curved so that it looks like a kaf).

gimel ani for stam plus

1. Its body should be like a zayin initially . Similarly all the left heads of the letters shaatnez gats [should be] like a zayin. 2. Its head should be thick. 3. Its right leg should be thin 4. and descend a little lower than the left thigh. 5. And one should not make this left thigh very incline only a little... 6. The left thigh should be drawn a little thick to the zayin on its side and not thinly, for its symbol looks like a bent nun and the thigh should be low in order to [be able to] put another letter close to [the gimel's] head. 7. And there are three taggin on its head.

Mordechai Pinchas

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