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Megillat HaY’shuah (the salvation scroll)


Sefer Binsoa - the book of Binsoa

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Kulmus Publishing specialises in producing works of Jewish interest, particularly to do with sofrut but also art and stories with a Jewish theme. This page gives details of publications to date and links to on demand print or e-book downloads through www.lulu.com or download the catalogue to get all the details.

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Megillat B’nay Chashmonay
(The Scroll of the Hasmonean Sons)
ISBN: 978-0-9880539-0-8
Marc Michaels © 2013

There isn’t a scroll read on Chanukah - but perhaps there should be? Sofer STa”M Marc Michaels has gathered over twenty handwritten and printed manuscripts from the 13th Century onwards for this traditional text for Chanukah that used to be read in Italian, Yemenite and other synagogues.

Examining the variant Hebrew and Aramaic texts, he has created a new tikkun kor’im fully pointed with vowels and trope and a new tikkun sofrim with visual midrashim to add extra depth to the text. A new translation into English with explanatory notes is accompanied by a new commentary on the text - Or LiM’norah in the style of the biblical commentators. Includes two ‘missing’ verses found in the oldest Aramaic manuscriptsbut expunged from later Hebrew ones.

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-4-8
Copyright: © 2009 Marc Michaels

Thoroughly Modern Moses
Joseph Rosenberg, not so eminent Jewish scientist and time-traveller came to Earth with a bump and was surprised, nay shocked, to learn that he had landed on one of the most famous people in the history of history itself ... Moses the Lawgiver. Ordered to replace Moses by the Lord God Almighty, Supreme Being of the Universe and all round Nice-Guy, Mr. Rosenberg embarks on an adventure of biblical proportions. Will he survive? Will there be tea and cake? A science-fiction biblical comedy. Hitch-hikers meets the Bible - enjoy! (Contains over 300 pages of laughter.) Pocket-book edition set in 10pt Garamond.

Shirat Ha-Olam  ISBN: 978-0-9810947-0-0 Copyright: © 2009 Marc Michaels Pictures from nature and around the world; words from the Torah, Prophets and Writings. Seventy digitally unaltered photographs matched to an appropriate biblical verse - each with its own story, told in this inspirational book. A feast for the eyes and the mind. Available as a large download or printed book 8.5 by 8.5. 149 pages set in a special sofrut font and Palantino.

Sefer Binsoa -
The Book of Binsoa

Sofer Sta”M Marc Michaels examines this unique visual midrash and provides a commentary that attempts to explain why Sefer Binsoa should be considered important and what lessons it might hold for us today.

© 2010 Marc Michaels

The East London Synagogue
- Outpost of Another World

The East London Synagogue, established 1877 in Rectory Square, Stepney Green, began life as a ‘deficit synagogue’ against the stated policies of the United Synagogue, who until that time, had only operated on the basis of  supporting those communities who would be self financing. Described by the Revd. Joseph Stern as ‘a rallying point in this locality’ what was the intended role for this ‘outpost of another world’? Did it succeed? A short history of the early days of the East London Synagogue, Rectory Square, and an examination of how it came to be established in 1877. With rare photos of the interior of the building taken before its closure. Expanded edition with many more photos. 58 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-9810947-3-1
Copyright: © 2008 Marc Michaels

Tikkun Megillat Hashoah
Authorised by the Schechter Institute and the Rabbinic Assembly, this is the new Tikkun (copyist's guide) for the Megillat Hashoah (Holocaust scroll).

Care of Your Torah - A Guide
A short 19 page guide written by a Sofer STa"M (scribe) to help Synagogues care for their Torah scrolls. With lots of useful tips and photographs showing many examples of what can make a Torah pasul (not kosher).
ISBN: 978-0-9810947-2-4
Copyright: © 2008 Marc Michaels

 It contains the full unpointed text in full colour hand-written STaM. It supplies explanations of the visual midrashim and information about how the scroll came to be written and the importance of this new piece of liturgy. For use by scribes and readers and for Jewish institutions and places of learning. Packed with full colour photographs. (Please note that the Lulu low resolution preview will show backwards as this is a right to left book and click on the back cover to see the front!) 10% of the proceeds from sale after print and distribution will be given to ts'dakah (charity).
ISBN: 978-0-9810947-1-7  Copyright: © 2008 Marc Michaels

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An analysis of the biblical commandment to support the poor with particular reference to the Tannaitic interpretation in Sifre to D’varim 15:7-11 ts’dakah - the giving of charity, or more properly acting righteously to another person to relieve them of a the burden of poverty is not merely a ‘nice thing to do that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling’ but according to Torah is a commandment. Discover how the ancient rabbis applied the Torah law to their own time and what lessons we might learn today about how best to ... GIVE!

169 pages with illustrations.

ISBN: 978-0-9810947-6-2  
Copyright: © 2008 Marc Michaels

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MEGILLAT HAY’SHUAH - the salvation scroll of the Yemenite Jews tells a parable of the dangers of the time to the Jewish population of Yemen and how Rabbi Shalom saves the day!

© 2008 Marc Michaels

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