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This website has been designed to give an overview of the important mitsvah of sofrut (scribal arts) and of the personal (and occasionally humorous) journey of a sofer (scribe) and this age-old craft.

The website has new stuff every so often but for more regular updates there's a companion page on facebook and twitter feed both updated regularly and books from Kulmus Publishing.

mordechai pinchas at work

the activities of a sofer

Sections on the mezuzah, tefillin k'tubot (marriage documents), gittin (bills of divorce), megillot and the Pittum Haketoret

The sefer torah section shows lots of info on how a torah is put together and how they are maintained, PLUS a special section about torah mantles I have designed. Diaries 21-25 talk about the new Megillat haShoah.

forming the letters

according to the halachah. Learn about the different styles then click on aleph bet or the animated picture above.

visual midrash

Strange scribal idiosyncracies! Ever wondered why parts of the torah look at bit strange?  Here's your chance to find out.
diary of a sofer
Visit all 44 episodes of the sofer's diary. It's best to read them in order but you don't have to. Honest.
tools of the trade

The kulmus (quill), k'laf (parchment) and giddin (sinew). A section on d'yo (ink).

my books
Kulmus Publishing books
on sofrut and Jewish topics for order through lulu and amazon kindle in print and electronic formats.

sources and references
Books about Sofrut in English and Hebrew for you to find out more.Click on sources or the picture on the right.

educational sessions

Lectures and presentations for adults and children alike.

Whilst I work with progressive communities, my own practice, scribal activity and the halachic material included in this site is largely based on orthodoxy. This material is not exhaustive nor should it be considered authoritative, nor should it in any way negate the need to address questions requiring halachic interpretation to a competent rabbinical authority.  Also this site does occasionally contain the holy names of God.  Therefore if you should print out a page containing these, please treat it with care and respect.

Images and text © Mordechai Pinchas (please do not use without permission)

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